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Lab Work

Currently, I am looking for new teams and engagements with which to work. And of course, this begets the challenge of writing a new resume and working on a new 'portfolio', as both have been left to their own devices and are woefully out of date.

In this recent quest, I had to come to terms with the fact that I have not kept a portfolio in the traditional sense. My philosophy of product as the cumulative effort of an awesome and endless collaborative process and the nature of my work has not lent its self to one and most of the artifacts of my trade and the design process at large (wf, flows, user stories, research, etc) are not very interesting out of context. But I would be remiss to ignore that we humans like having something, anything to structure conversation around.

So I've begun solving for the problem of what can I show as the predecessor for a conversation. But until I launch that solution, this site will have to do...

I have always been inspired by the boundless fuel for curiosity in the world. Everywhere you look, there are clues to something new yet to be discovered.

And although, the entire world's populous also has access to this vision, at no point in history nor in any foreseeable future, is there end to what our imaginations can create.

Thus, dah labs was created to serve as a playground for all my forays into projects that may or may not fit into the inevitable staleness of a portfolio site. Here, projects live in whatever state they are in; concepts, prototypes, completed works- physical or virtual.
Because there is wonder yet to be discovered in the simplicity of an idea and there are accomplices to be found.

Curiosities Welcome

Say 'ello

Find what amazes you & never stop looking.


Along with the regular itinerary of general rabble rousing, instigating, and the occasional & deliberate creative manipulations, dah labs is always open to suggestions for new projects and adventures.

And, as dah labs currently pays somewhere on par with day dreaming, creative outlets that offer financial incentives (often referred to as day jobs) are not out of the question. Currently, I'm seeking new opportunities in this vein.

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Over the years, I've had the pleasure of following my curiosities in all sorts of delightful directions; meeting amazing people & having the honor of working with some of the smartest.
And as much as I love creating my own adventures, I've rediscovered, time and time again, that the world gets a whole lot more interesting (as do ideas) when you add just the right amount of chaos. And what better way to introduce that than with the wild card that is people.

And what an amazing wild card people are.
The hunt for accomplices is a life long one. But the urge to find amazing people, has not, nor will likely ever, serve me wrong. In my experience, people have been a critical pathway to asking better questions, listening in new ways, finding better solutions.
So without waxing any more poetry, I put this out there into the wilds, who wants to play?

Skills & Such Things

Pixel Pushing

Adobe Tools Addiction

Product/UX Artifacting (flows, WF, etc)

Instigating, Rabble-Rousing, & Contagious Enthusiasm

Prototyping with Code

Boozy & Virgin Marshmallows

Post-It Note Abuse


Wonder, explore
make magic where there was none before.


"The way forward –is sometimes–
the way back."


Kristin Nienhuis (the primary member of this crazy little laboratory) is a Product and Design Strategist. She is served by over a dozen years of UX design experience, with a solid foundation rooted in psychology, and focuses on strategy and design thinking.

She is a collaborative problem solver dedicated to the philosophy that design is one of the most powerful tool sets available to create new opportunities and affordance for change.

(She sincerely dislikes talking about herself in the third person, and laments her need to do so here)

Wonder what is possible.Try.
Try again.

Beep Beep

What is possible is limited only by your imagination.


If you haven't gotten the message yet, we revel in the land of silly ideas, half formed notions, esoteric conversations, problem solving, candy making, and job offers-

Whatever fuels your curiosities these days, we'd love to hear about it.
So, what's on your mind?
Skies the limit kids...

Thank you so much!
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